Law Offices of Simon Harter, Esq. has extensive experience handling all aspects of a wide variety of cases in the state and federal courts of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut.  The firm has also acted in numerous court-ordered and privately-organized arbitrations and mediations. Our primary areas of expertise are maritime law, insurance claims and coverage, commercial disputes, and United States Trade Sanctions.  We typically handle the following types of matters:

  • Marine Insurance - all aspects of claims under policies of protection & indemnity, hull and machinery, excess and bumbershoot, charterer's liability, marine and commercial general liability, cargo, marina operators, shiprepairers, wharfingers, terminal operators and pollution insurances; defense of third-party liability claims; issuance of coverage opinions; first-party coverage disputes and bad faith claims; drafting of policy wordings; and enforcement of choice of law, forum selection and arbitration clauses.

  • Maritime Contracts - including litigation and arbitration of charter party disputes, bill of lading claims, ship building and ship repair claims, salvage and wreck removal; maritime liens, arrest and attachment of vessels, bunkers, bank accounts and other assets; and other maritime contractual disputes.

  • Maritime Personal Injuries and Torts - including investigation and defense of personal injury and death cases, collisions, allisions, fires, and groundings.

  • Maritime Attachments and Arrests - the firm has extensive experience handling Rule B maritime attachments actions and Rule C vessel arrests.  Although a recent appeals court decision has essentially eliminated the ability to attach international wire transfers while being routed through intermediary banks in New York, it is still possible to attach any moveable (i.e., non-real) property of the defendant located in New York, or any debt owed to the defendant by a person or entity in New York, even when the underlying merits of the claim are subject to foreign arbitration or litigation.  We are also experienced in managing Rule C vessel arrest actions at various ports around the United States.  The current global financial situation makes it particularly important to obtain security before undertaking formal legal proceedings in order to be in a position to enforce any resulting award or judgment.

  • Commercial Disputes - litigation, arbitration, and mediation of disputes for breach of contract, unfair trade practices, business torts, and claims under the Uniform Commercial Code and the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, with particular experience in disputes involving international commodities sale and purchase contracts.
  • U.S Trade Sanctions - legal advice on trade sanctions and restrictions imposed by various agencies of the U.S. government, and representing clients in dealings with the Office of Foreign Assets Control

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